• Collaborative Robotics
  • Cyber ​​Physical Systems and traceability
  • Industrial IoT, Integration and Data Analytics
  • Cybersecurity
  • Virtual Prototyping for Human-Centered Manufacturing

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The central element of the Cooperative Framework initiative is the establishment of the i-LABS laboratory as a place for technology transfer and training on enabling technologies of the Industry 4.0 paradigm. The project involves the participation of the Polytechnic University of Marche, of the University of Camerino, of Meccano, of the Cluster Marche and of 19 companies from Marche.

In addition to carrying out two research projects and a technology transfer project, a laboratory is set up in Jesi (AN) that allows interested companies to come into contact and directly experiment the following technologies: Collaborative Robotics, Cyber ​​Physical Systems and traceability, Industrial IoT, Integration and Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, Virtual Prototyping for Human-Centered Manufacturing.

Specifically, the Mechanics of Machines group is involved in the diffusion activities of collaborative robotics, which sees the presence of cobots of different types and commercial brands.

Examples of cobots


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