Standing Long Jump (SLJ)


  • Motion analysis
  • Multibody modeling
  • Counter Movement Jump (CMJ)
  • Standing Long Jump (SLJ)


Two methods for estimating the power generated during the jumps have been developed and compared in this study.

The first method is based on a simple analytical formulation that requires as input the coordinates of the center of gravity in three specified instants of the jump. The second method is based on a multibody model that simulates jumps by processing the data obtained from a 3D motion capture system and the dynamic measurements obtained by force platforms. The multibody model was developed with OpenSim, an open source software that provides tools for kinematic and dynamic analysis of 3D muscoskeletal models

The study focuses on two tests typically used to assess lower limb muscle activity: the Counter Movement Jump and the Standing Long Jump. The comparison between the results obtained with the two methods confirms the validity of the proposed analytical formulation, which represents a simple tool suitable for preliminary analyzes to be carried out in the field.

Counter Movement Jump (CMJ)


  • Palmieri, G., Callegari, M., Fioretti, S., Analytical and multibody modeling for the power analysis of standing jumps, (2015) Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering, 18 (14), pp. 1564-1573.