• Multibody systems
  • Biomimetic Underwater Robots
  • Multi-physics framework


The Machine Mechanics group has exploited the flexibility of the multi-body software, distributed by MSC Software, to develop a multi-physic framework suited to the virtual prototypation of bio-inspired underwater robots. The propulsive forces generated by the harmonic oscillation of the robot fin, predicted by fluid dynamics numerical analysis, have been added to the hydrodynamic loads acting on the body of the fish-like vehicle, while advanced control techniques have been adopted to manage the navigation.  The resulting framework has been exploited both in the design process, to size the propulsive section (i.e. the robot tail) for a given size and mission, and also to optimize the robot performances by changing its internal mass distribution.


  • D. Costa, G. Palmieri, D. Scaradozzi, & M. Callegari, “Multi-body Analysis of a Bio-Inspired Underwater Robot”. In The International Conference of IFToMM ITALY (pp. 240-248). Springer, Cham, November 2018.