• Bio-inspired underwater robots
  • Mechanical design
  • Multi-physics analysis
  • Experimental validation


The Machine Mechanics group, in collaboration with the Automation group headed by Prof. Scaradozzi, manufactured three ostraciiform AUVs. A novel transmission system has been installed in the tails of these robots: this mechanism has been designed to transform the continuous rotation of an electric motor, in the harmonic oscillation of the robot fin. The propulsive forces generated by the fin have been computed by computationale fluid dynamics techniques and the predicted results have been experimentally validated. The vehicle dynamics has been solved using multi-body analysis while the whole simulation process has allowed the development of a sizing method for ostraciiform swimming robots. At the present moment, the group is developing a transmission system suited to thunniform locomotion.

Robot biomimetico BRAVe presentato alla competizione tra veicoli sottomarini autonomi, SAUC-E 2016, presso il CMRE di la Spezia

Compartimento propulsivo e trasmissione meccanica dei robot Ostraciiformi

Robot biomimetico educativo GUIZZO

Trasmissione meccanica in studio per propulsione Thunniforme


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