Matlab & Simulink by Mathworks

Software for development of mathematical models, numerical computations, and data processing.


Software suite for simulations of multi-body mechanical systems with both rigid and flexible bodies.

Form2 by Formlabs

Hihg resolution 3D printer for rapid prototyping of components and mechanisms.

National Instruments

Signal acquisition devices, real time controllers, and FPGA boards with extremely high clock rate for control of actuated axes and measurement of different phenomena (strain gauges, accelerometers, etc).

LabVIEW by N.I.

Software suite by National Instruments for management of NI devices and engineering software development.

Fast Cam

The lab owns different high frame rate cameras (up to 500fps), and the needed hardware for image processing, suitable for visual servoing tasks and vision based measurements.


Software for structural Finished Elements modeling and analysis of mechanical components.


Hardware kit by PCB Piezotronics for experimental modal analysis. The kit includes three-axes accelerometer, instrumented hammer, signal amplifier and conditioner.